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Welcome to the CSY Owner's Association!

This site is sponsored by a loose group of sailors who own "vintage" sailboats originally manufactured in the late 70's and early 80's by Caribbean Sailing Yachts.


About This Site

Starting about 1999, CSY owners met on the Topica list, which was a "list server"--emailing the questions and answers posted by CSY owners to anyone subscribed to the list. There were some "hot" discussions about such things as the "proper anchor" and the "shoal vs. full keel" question.  But the exchange was mostly about helping new CSY owners learn their boats and profit from the experience of others who owned the same boats.


Occasionally, CSY owners arranged to meet in person at the SSCA Gams. 


In 2009, it became increasingly obvious that Topica's main business wasn't running forums, and we feared that the forum would 'go away' at any time without notice.


So we've set up this site to have our own forum that we have control over.  We've had a few hiccups caused by hackers, but most of the info exchanged by CSY Owners since 2009 has been retained on this site, where it is searchable using standard forum tools.




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